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“Something Wrong” with RI’s Tea Industry Unfair trade rules had led Indonesia’s tea industry to decline. One of the biggest tea plantations in Indonesia had changed 2500 of tea plantation into other more profitable commodity crops. The expert stated that Indonesia’s tea industry have exported the tea in cheap price as the raw material. But ironically, Indonesia lets the imported premium tea with expensive price which actually using the Indonesia’s exported tea as their raw materials. This is definitely not just ironic, but also stupid. This is not just an ordinary stupidity but also a planned and controlled stupidity. I believe that our government is not so stupid because our government consists of well-educated people or well experienced people. It means that there is an indication of power abuse by one of our decision and regulation makers in the government. Once I had a trip into a tea plantation and factory called Tambi Tea Plantation in Dieng, Indonesia. I had the chance because of the bank where my father was working arranged a family trip for its employees. I was amazed by the…show more content…
So they can export it to Europe and China or just simply sell it to the tea beverage factory such as Sariwangi or Teh Botol in Indonesia. Those are two big tea beverage makers in Indonesia. If you ask every Indonesian people, they will recognize those two tea maker easily. Sariwangi and Teh Botol are like Lipton from UK. However, I conclude that those two companies lack of innovation. It is true that they have a good and strong branding, but in the other hand, I think they don’t have product differentiation. They are too depending on the conventional Indonesian market and not willing to invest more on the new product development on my opinion. It is a fact that Indonesian market is a big market for foods and beverages. But most of us are not willing to take a risk. I think most of us are too afraid to fall or fail in

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