Dystopian Literature Research Paper

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Caleb Durrant
Mrs. Staley
English I
12 January 2018
The Rise of Dystopian Literature
Why is the dystopian subject so well known nowadays and why do people like them so much? The big start to dystopian literature was when H.G. Wells wrote the first dystopian novel called The Time Machine. Ever since there have been a lot of novels and movies about dystopian societies. They have been really popular with teenagers for a plethora of reasons.Dystopian literature with an new addition of films are a very new trend, an example would be the novel Anthem which is a book about wanting to be an individual person and that it is good. The Giver gives an example of how getting away from society can be helpful, both are great examples of not knowing what his or hers future has instore for them.
In the novel the society is as one and all of mankind is a collective group and there are no individuals, eventually one man decides to go off the beaten path and do things for his own benefit and not for the collective of men. In the book while Equality 7-2521 is writing in his cave he describes what his world his and how there is no one person or individual group. ”We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible and forever” (Rand
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In the future dystopian literature will more than likely be a big hit. The relation between teenagers and dystopian literature is mostly because of how much it is alike them, because they need to be a separate from everybody else and the are all that age of not needing to be with everybody else.So no more hand holding no more crying, getting lost, instead they can be by them self, turn tears into victories and triumph,and not getting lost but be found by new

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