Rise Of Islam Research Paper

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The Islam religion was filled a long and detailed history. Throughout the many years of development, the religion was filled with war and growth. The Islamic way of living was viewed as different , and although several excepted and many did not. Because of this they were driven out of where the religion was founded, Mecca. Muslims, depending on how dedicated one was to the religion, had a very set day schedule, when to pray, how to dress, and at certain times of the year what to eat. Islam is considered what Christianity should be. Mohammad believed Allah told him what was wrong, and that he was supposed to fix it. The Islam religion was started by a trader, Mohammad; in 610 Mohammad went into a cave to meditate and pray, and claimed that…show more content…
The first pillar is the Declaration of Fatih. To become part of the Islam culture all one must do is announce that Allah is God and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. The second pillar is prayer. There are four prayers performed a day; at dawn, in the afternoon, in the evening, and at night. The third pillar is charity giving, the muslim culture believes in giving to others less fortunate then themselves. The forth pillar is fasting. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan. Throughout the course of the day they fast and at dinner time they have a feast and celebrate. The fifth and final pillar is pilgrimage to mecca. Every Muslim is strongly encouraged to travel to Mecca at least once throughout the course of their life, both men and women, and after doing that they are known as Hajj/Hajja (one who as traveled to Mecca). The city, Mecca, is important because that is where Islam first started, and Muslims wanted to visit where the great prophet, Mohammad, lived. The Islamic belief is that their faith should not be blind faith. Mohammad defined faith (Iman) “a knowledge in the heart, a voicing with the tongue, and an activity with the limbs”. Muslims are supposed to identify truth, and then live it out in their life. The Muslims believed in a strong church and state. They believed that the military and church should be connected. They traveled the Eastern world conquering and spreading
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