Islamophobia And Racism

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This piece aims at bringing about a better understanding of Islamophobia and the current conception of Islam in the western world, the reasons behind this phenomenon, influencers to the rise of Islamophobia, its consequences, and eventually provides many resolutions to bring about an end to the trend.
The (2014) dictionary defines Xenophobia as loathing and fear of outsiders or anything/anyone that is foreign. Xenophobia has been prevalent in human nature ever since the advent of civilization, never disappearing but being attenuated due to religious doctrines and other rules that are resulting from education and ethical sciences.
Islamophobia is another type of Xenophobia targeting Muslims and Islam
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Defining Islamophobia & Anti-Muslim Racism
It might sound unnecessary and time consuming to question the existence of Islamophobia at this stage as the previous part of this research paper provides much evidence to the reality and seriousness of this phenomenon, but it is still a very important requirement as to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of this piece.
Rana (2010) proposes that since Islam is a religion and there is so much heterogeneity present in the Muslim communities, then the only denominators that Anti-Muslims can assume when discriminating against Muslims are their traditional Islamic outfits (i.e. Women’s’ Hijab), the exterior physical appearance of traditional Muslims (i.e. Men growing beards and shaving moustache), Muslim Names (i.e. Mohammed, Ahmed, Abdullah, Osama, etc...), and any other distinctive factors and practices known to Muslim communities and individuals.
In his book, Allen (2010) mentions “a 19 year old woman wearing the Hijab was beaten around the head with a metal baseball bat”, which was a clear hate crime against a
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whiteness, heterosexuality, Christianity, masculinity, fascism, communism, etc...) but also in promoting divisions inside the subjugated masses. This type of fracture makes certain that protests of the subjugated on the governing entity or media controllers are undermined. (Perry, B., 2003)
Perry (2003) explains with the intention of emphasizing that it is equally noteworthy to consider the monetary influence and position (or rather lack of it) when investigative hate crimes as it is to also take account of the "politics of difference" and meticulously what she refers to as "hegemonic whiteness"; Hegemony has been illustrated as control by assent, partnership among the principal and the subjugated that "convinces, entices, compensates, or disciplines" instead of intimidating and entails composition of the wishes of the inferiors into agreement with the customary command of authority" (Gitlin, 1987). Hegemony as articulated through admired culture is where: parties can proclaim themselves, strengthen their characteristics, and endorse - on the representational height - their inmost ambitions, worries and
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