Rise Of John Dillinger Essay

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Josh Simmers History Professor Rittman 10/15/2015 The Rise and Fall of John Dillinger During the Great Depression era many people resorted to the crime life, one notably in particular was John Dillinger. John grew up in the Oak Hill section of Indianapolis, Indiana. He lived with his brother and father mostly. Life was hard and finding a job was harder in these times. John had difficulties on the job hunt, so he decided to pursue the life of being a bank robber. John Dillinger learned most of his skills from other notorious bank robbers such as Charles Makley and Russell Clark through his time in prison. With his gang he is known to have participated in twelve separate bank robberies, police arsenals, and staging three jail breaks. Dillinger was a very dangerous criminal, but with his charismatic personality…show more content…
John had a problem with fighting and petty thievery; he wasn’t what you would call a nice kid. He bullied the kids that were different and smaller in size. Soon later he found school just wasn’t for him and dropped out. He began to work at a machine shop, and worked hard at it. His problem though he liked to party and stay out all night. His father did not agree with the life style his son was starting to live in the city, so he decided to take his family and move to Mooresville Indiana in 1921. This did not help as much as John’s father expected it would in a rural area. In 1922 Johns was arrested for auto theft and this led him to join the Navy. In the Navy he was on board the USS Utah and became Fireman 3rd Class. He was only joined for a few months before he decided to desert the Navy and return home. John attempted to settle down after that; he met and married Beryl Ethel Hovious. They became married on April 12, 1924. There were problems with his relationship and that was holding a job. During the Depression Era many people had trouble with this, so it was difficult to preserve his
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