Rise Of Social Media Essay

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The 20th century marks a generation of technological advancement that has had a significant impact on the condition of human life and communication. Growing up during this progressive time period, I believe that the rise of social media has allowed our generation to adapt to this so called “digital world.” With such revolutionary change that has universally improved our standard of living, people have become highly dependent on technology. It is impossible to imagine the world without technology, because it has become such a controlling factor in our lives and influenced the way we write in a number of ways.
Writing is a form of communication that has always been prevalent in society. Historically, since the time people used pigeons during the 12th century, to the telegraph during the 1800s, until now and so on. Writing has always been a widespread form of expression and communication and over time, technology has had a huge impact on the way it is used and perceived. The rise of social media has been a meriting element to transform the
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It has transformed the form and function of writing by making it more convenient for human beings. However, it has also become a place for people to be brutally honest, fake and take advantage of it. It has allowed people to create an image that has set a very high standard and people are trying to compete on a social ladder to keep up with that image. Society today can be characterized as being fast-paced and narcissistic, and social media is one of the factors that has made it such a place. There will always be two sides to this issue and looking at the pace at which it is evolving, it is going to affect human beings positively and negatively. In today’s day and age, technological change is occurring at a rapid pace. Despite that however, as millennials of society today, we must be able to adapt to such change and be able to keep up with the
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