Rise Of The Han Empire Essay

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I believe the Han Empire collapsed because of the Silk Road, a trading route from China to the Mediterranean. It bought some pro’s and con’s, like the spread of different cultures and the spread of the Bubonic Plague not only across China but parts of Europe as well. The Black Death originated in Europe and was spread across the eastern part of the world. It killed many people in the Han Empire meaning it killed thousands upon thousands. "Since most Empires were not advanced in their sanitation systems it spread quickly". (Ancient.com) It could have started when Romans invaded China and wanted to know how silk was made silk while China wanted to sell it for gold, so Rome tried to get the formula from the Emperor of the Han empire but did not succeed. So they sold silk to them for gold and that’s how the trade route basically started with China to Rome. They continued to trade with Empires so, diseases and barbarians started to spread. "Barbarians were members of the tribe not belonging to one…show more content…
"It was a rebellion lead by peasant wearing yellow headband or shirt on their head. The reason for h rebellion was because of taxes. It happen in reign of Emperor Ling and took about 21 years for it to be suppressed around year 205." ( Wikipedia.com ) This caused the Han Dynasty to collapse after the Emperor died it was a dispute about who get the throne. "This affected the Empire because court officials such as judges were killed and the government was just destroyed in general." (Wikipedia.com) Many people were upset because they had no home after the rebellion and many of the cities were completely wiped. Meaning there was little to no resources for people to actually use and survive with them. The economy was affect drastically during this time making it hard to survive like if it wasn’t already hard to

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