Rise Of The Spanish In The 19th Century Essay

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After the influx of the Spanish in the seventeenth century, much of the native population yielded to illness. How did the ones who survived find success and what did the Spanish do to develop the county?
The Natives ended up moving away or intermarried with the Europeans. The Spanish increased the population by giving fifty-nine leagues of ground on the north bank of the Rio Grande (including all of the section of Brownsville) to José Salvador de la Garza in 1781. The Spanish also caused destruction from a fight on April 25, 1846 and from two Mexican War battles (Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma). Several of the new people saw their Mexican fellows as “racial inferiors” not knowing the American way of life. The hostilities gotten even worse during the Mexican Revolution when boundary attacks by Mexican bandits made chaos. Because of the changes of the county and the ethnic hostility increasing between Anglos and Hispanics, James B. Wells could no longer be an Anglo Elite, and his political organization became out of hand in 1920. Before 1900, almost half
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It is also probable that there would be more tourists because the events today would be even more known. Cameron County would be an even more favorable destination due to economic improvement. Since Carlos Cascos (Previous Secretary of State for Texas) talked about some matters that is likely to be fixed in the future. He talked about how there are about 500 thousand people living in nearly 2,300 colonias along the boundary, numerous without water and wastewater lines and passable substructure. It is possible that the people would have water and wastewater lines and passable substructure in the future. He said, “Texas should develop a 10 to 15 year plan which addresses the issues.” It is expected that Texas will improve for these matters. Cameron County is likely to be still improving. Also, Cameron County is probable to be more

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