Rise Of Urbanization In The United States

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As the development of the society and the rise of capitalism, modern cities appeared and urbanization become possible in the United States. Urbanization is “the process through which people migrate from the countryside to urban centers” (Boyle, 311). People move to cities due to various factors, and one of the main reasons is that there are many new opportunities in the urban areas, which attracted people to come. As a result, people could earn money, enjoy better social services, and increase social class at cities. People understood urbanization through urban ecology, which is also an idea from Darwinian “the process through which social groups compete for urban space and shift and sort themselves into different neighborhoods or niches, according…show more content…
The development of industrialization attracted people to these cities in order to get jobs and maintain better life quality. However, from 1920s to 1950s, the appearance of the Great Depression and World War II in the United States brought the limitations of urbanization and since the countryside had not been…show more content…
From 1945s to 1960s, there were immigrations in and out of urban areas. Young and middle-class families moved out the urban areas and black populations moved in the urban areas, which changed the social classes and created racial problems. From 1960s to 1970s, racial problems and poverty continued increased in the urban areas, and people from middle-class families continued moved out the cities. Meanwhile, the idea of deindustrialization appeared. In the 1970s because in cities like “Pittsburgh, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland and Detroit, have for some time now been forced to contend with deindustrialization and its attendant problems of factory closure, unsightly and dangerous derelict and vacant land, high unemployment and poverty and outmigration and depopulation” (Boyle, 224,225). Because in these cities, there were many social problems, so people would like to move back to countryside and maintain a life with better quality. The quality of life decrease significantly because of the shutdown of factories; during this time period, people were not able to find jobs; as a result, these cities became not safe and the crime rate also increased. From 1970s to 1990s, the quality of life were gradually increasing

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