Rishikesh Chapter 2 Summary

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SOPHIE (29) disappears after leaving JAMIE (29) a short video message. Jaime visits Sophie’s best friend, CLAIRE (mid 20s), but she also doesn’t know where she is right now. Claire then informs him that Sophie went to Rishikesh, where she’d found the ‘truth.’ While Jaime heads to Rishikesh, he rewinds the video from Sophie again and again. Then, he notices a tattoo behind her ear, a lotus flower with an eye in the center. In Rishikesh, Jaime spots a woman with the same tattoo behind her ear. He chases the woman and asks where she got the tattoo. The woman tells that if Sophie has a same tattoo as her, she must be on of “them.” She further tells him to follow the river for two days to meet “them.” She also warns him to not believe anything he sees and those people are strange.After two days, Jaime finally finds an Ashram where it’s covered by glacial mountain. There, he sees a lotus flower with an eye in the center painted in the main building. When Jamie tries to enter the village, there is a gate with a gatekeeper, SURYA (30s), in front. Instead of telling the him that he is looking for Sophie, he tells…show more content…
Her body is covered all over by the herbs. The herbs in Gayatri’s brown bag were keeping Sophie alive, not the Guru. The Guru tells Jamie that only Sophie’s spirit has left the body and only he can convince her to come back. Jamie goes deeper into meditation. In his meditation, he meets Sophie again. All of sudden he opens his eyes, and Sophie’s body is levitating. Jamie finds out that the Guru is gone, and he spots dead Guru lying inside the chamber. After spiritually sensing something is weird, all the devotees gather around the Guru’s cave. Chandra accuses Jamie that he killed the Guru. She urges Jamie to tell where he was when the Guru was dying. Since he does not want to reveal the secret inner chamber where Sophie lies, Jamie cannot say anything to defend himself. He is locked in by
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