Rising Action In Macbeth

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Macbeth Advances the Plot What qualities Do you know someone who has changed into a different person in a short period of time? In Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, a similar action occurs. Macbeth is a loyal and trusting person at the beginning of the story, but as it progress he turns cruel and manipulative. Throughout the play Macbeth’s changes in personality and decisions add conflict and help advance the plot. One reason Macbeth is interesting is due to the progression of the play, from exposition to resolution. The exposition is seen in act one as Macbeth is introduced as being courageous during a battle. King Duncan says, “O valiant cousin, worthy gentleman!” (I, ii, 26). Duncan calls Macbeth brave and noble for risking his life to…show more content…
MacDuff informs Malcolm of their plan. He states, “Come, we go to the king. Our power is ready; our lack is nothing but our leave” (IV, iii, 277-278). The King of England had supplied them with an army. Macduff suggests they go visit him and say goodbye. This foreshadowing shows what events will happen in the near future. Macbeth’s old friends don’t trust him anymore and feel the need to dethrone him. The rising action occurring in this scene will lead to the final climax and eventually the…show more content…
In act five, MacDuff proudly reports Macbeth’s death to the people and that their problems are solved. He proclaims, “Behold where stands the usurper’s cursed head. The time is free” (V, viii, 65-66). MacDuff holds Macbeth’s head to show everyone he’s dead. He continues saying they are freed of his brutal reign. Macbeth changed from being loyal to ruthless, which got him killed. Macbeth’s death resolved the conflict. The people are satisfied knowing they don’t have to fear having Macbeth, a murderous and evil man, as their
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