Rising Sea Level Persuasive Speech

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Jeff Britt
Professor Blackburn
Persuasive Speech

General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to help reduce climate change, due to the New Jersey area being massively affected by Sea Level rising.
Pattern: Problem-cause-solution
Attention: As we sit here today, our world is experiencing the most rapid rate of sea level rise to ever occur.
Reasons to listen:
NY, NJ area is one the most vulnerable to Sea Level Rise
Rising sea levels are caused by climate change, coming directly from our own human activities.
Credibility: I have been following the research of climate change, particularly the rapidly rising sea level rate.
Preview: Today I’m going to persuade everyone to help lessen sea levels rising by reducing climate change.

Issue of rising sea levels, due to
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This is literally an one-way street now. The only thing we’re discussing now is how fast, it’s not whether anymore, and then eventually how much.” — Dr. Harold Wanless, chairman of the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Miami
25% of the world’s pop lives within 62 miles of a shoreline, this is likely to increase to 50% within the next 25 years as people continue to move to coastal cities.- (NATGEO)
U.S has more than 12,000 miles of coastline, with more than half of Americans living within the coastal cities.
During the 20th century, global sea levels rised about 6.7 inches, this rate has accelerated rapidly since the 19th century.
Concern of Sea level rise
13 of the world largest 20 cities are located on the coast {Economic risk} -(GLOBALGREEN.com)
Top 10 cities threatened by sea level rise, 3 are in the U.S (one being NEW JERSEY) - (PowerPoint)
Global mean sea level has risen {2.5 to 12 inches}
Up to 33% of coastal land, shorelines, and wetland habitats are expected to be lost with the present rate.


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