Rising Tuition Costs

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Zach Lindley Professor Fisher English 101 11-13-2016 Rising Tuition Costs Is going to school to obtain a degree so that you can further your education still an opportunity for everyone? With tuition growing for the past decades many individuals question whether higher education is even worth it in the long run. Tuition has increased dramatically over the past couple years which has made it extremely difficult for students to pay for higher education. Without new resources for new students it’s getting hardier to take classes and pay for it without ending up buried in debt. Higher education costs have risen due to public revenue shortfalls with greater institutional spending and the solution to this is to provide adequate financial aid as well as regulating school spending. Higher education costs have risen to new heights in the last couple years, both public and private colleges across the United States. One state that has seen tuition hikes each year for the past 5 years is California. According to Becky Supiano, author of “The Chronicle of Higher Education”, “[t]he…show more content…
When tuition rises in schools the government should be raising the amount of financial aid students can qualify for. Michelle Adams, author of “Who can afford to pay for college?” describes, “We are shifting the cost from taxpayers to students without any sensitivity to families being able to pay the cost (Adam)". Without any remorse or hesitation colleges continue to jack up tuition without thinking about students and families. Another solution is to provide more grants to students who may not have the resources to pay for higher education. These solutions would draw much controversy due to the fact it would mean raising taxes for everyone. There is a need for some change because high school students are not sure if they are even able to further their education because of the
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