Reflective Essay On Questioning Skills

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• Questioning Skills
My questioning style during the session involved a range of open and close questions and in several instances. I also used the funnelling technique to allow the patient to expand on answers or to request further clarification or information. This style of questioning supports the patient to focus and an appropriate range of answers without feeling overwhelmed or interrogated (Can et al., 2012).
In future experience, I aim to continue to use this technique and skill to obtain a holistic understanding of the patient’s problems and promote change in patients.
• Problem statement review
I reviewed the problem statement and changed it accordingly to patient’s request, using questioning style to clarify meaning e.g. “would
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I used my questioning skills to explore this further and this enabled the patient to reflect and conceptualise these as a result of increased exposure and decreased avoidance to situations due to a fear of having a panic attack. This reflection and questionnaires demonstrate progress; therefore, I aim to continue to evaluate the MDS questionnaires in a collaborative…show more content…
Using my questioning skills, I explored lessons learned, difficulties and his understanding of the low intensity intervention. The patient was able to answer all questions and more importantly demonstrated a change in cognition i.e. “I learned that nothing bad will happen to me”.
Homework tasks are critical as they enable patients to gain and practice skills learnt in the session which is known to lead to improvement of symptoms (Cully & Teten, 2008).
Upon reflection, I could have started by asking the patient to remind me what was set as homework from the previous session therefore checking his understanding and promoting shared responsibility. In the future, I will ask the patient to inform me what was set as homework and afterwards describe their experience of completing

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