Factors Of Family Abuse

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Although one cannot point out for sure the exact reasons of abuse or self-harm, experts working in this area have listed out several factors termed as ‘risk factors’ which places a high chance of an individual to face the abuse. The risk factor explains that the behaviours of a person shows about the chances of experiencing abuse in the future. The major risk factors of abuse are: • Dependency • Severe Illness • Family Conflict • Career Stress • Psychological Problems In the article above, one man was stomped on the feet deliberately, and the other was pushed off the wheel chair. The elderly victims were pelted with bean bags and balls just for the entertainment of the nursing home so-called “caretakers”. The major risk factors involved here…show more content…
Individual Person factors: These risk factors compromise of any kind of physical, cognitive or emotional disability, aggressive behavior, temperaments, physical and mental disorder and attention deficits of the service providers. The person who is taking care of the patient in the care homes should focus on the different requirements like managing the anger, differentiating the personal and professional life. 2. Family factors: Abuse by family, high family stress, family conflict, family violence, regular family conflicts, separation or divorce, poor interaction with family members, history of neglect and use of corporal punishment comes under family risk factors. Family conflict is a major risk factor. For instance, when someone is subject to abuse as a child, he may grow up to be an abuser himself as he may find these abuses are the necessesary trend to be followed and he may also teaches and abuses to the younger…show more content…
Social and Environmental factors: These risk factors include unemployment, social isolation, old age people suffer from abuse because they are not capable of doing their things by themselves and are dependent to others and illness, discrimination, racism, homelessness, lack of social support and stressful life events.People may feel abused and highly depressed on being isolated physically, emotionally and socially and on theabsence of adequate support and relief. In the given case, all the elderly victims were the patient of dementia or were highly dependent on the service providers that showed how it provides the care workers with lots of opportunity without any risk. Also, one of the major factor that contributes to abuse others is the mental health sate of the people involved in abusing.People with a history of mental illness are not only the victims but in a significant number of cases are the perpetrators themselves(Jessen et al., 2014). These people suffer from anger management issues and low self-esteem issues which lead them to harm their own self and their close ones in acts of rage and depression(Maaskant et al., 2014). Their loneliness makes them do things out of their own conscience and strips them of their thinking

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