Essay On Risk Management In Healthcare

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As a healthcare administrator you must be prepared for all crisis that may occur within the healthcare industry. Being a leader of an organization; you must accept responsibilities for employees. This is why as new employees or hires enter your payroll they are required to fill out important paperwork. On the other hand a contractor is not set up for payroll, but work on a different principle. If any incidents take place on your organization’s property you will be held liable; each state is different. For example, a patient needs an immediate blood transfusion and the person under contract steps in the place of a permanent employee to sign over legal documents, they had the authority at that time. The authority is given by the hospital administrators;…show more content…
The first step; which is identifying the risk is when the group should be able to recognize certain risks and how to prepare to look into them further. Once your team has identified the risks, they should build an understanding of the risk. Evaluating the risk would be determining the severity of the risk because it may not be serious enough for further treatment. After establishing the highest ranking risk, it is management job to minimize the possibilities for them to grow. Even after recognizing all risks it is still risk management job to continue to monitor and prevent any potential risk from…show more content…
Physician/hospital collaborations, when structured properly, can yield a host of benefits, including improvements in several key areas: economics, quality of care, operating performance, resource consumption and physician retention and leadership. The hospitals will have to evaluate physician competency level, even when under contract. The reason being is because hospitals are held accountable regardless, but if they had a more reliable staff it could reduce lawsuits. Physicians rely on hospitals for the use of their facilities and also to gain income. To have financial security is a motivation alone for physicians that work in the
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