Rita Dove Daystar Analysis

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Rita Dove’s adolescent consisted of protests and riots of the “Civil Rights Movement”, due to the segregation between race and class during the era of the ‘Jim Crow Laws”. Although these laws were abolished in 1964, around the time Dove was 12 years old, many African Americans are still oppressed. Since Dove had grew up during this era, the environment may have deeply impacted her growth and idea of society. After America had surpassed the years of segregation, many African Americans were able to achieve their goals, including the well accomplished poet, Rita Dove. Rita Dove is an African American poet, who was raised to be well educated by her parents. ("Rita Dove." Poetry Foundation.) According to, she is also a mother and a loving wife to her family. In the poem “Daystar”, Dove illustrates the daily life of her grandmother who is a mother and a wife. We can relate this to Dove and her grandmother because they are both mother figures in the family and each grow up from different generations. Poet Biography Rita Dove is an African American poet born on August 28,1952 in Akron, Ohio, who is married to a German writer, Fred Viebahn whom she had met in college, and a loving mother to Aviva Dove- Viebahn. ( Editors, "Rita Dove") Dove was raised in a well…show more content…
From the poem we are able to conclude that the devoted mother is hard working and is also taking care of her kids while her husband is at work. In stanza 1-4, Dove writes that the mother needed a break from the responsibilities and used all of her free time to herself. Her child and home are seen to be one her main priorities that she has to get back to every time. (stanza 5-6) In stanza 7-8, the mother expresses her internalized beliefs and self reflection on what her life has become. Throughout the poem, Dove narrates the responsibilities that the mother carries on, as well as her internal beliefs on
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