Rita Hayworth And Shawshank Redemption Essay

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There is a reason why this film is rated one of the best Films ever according to IMDb. From the filming techniques, to portraying the symbolism within the film, Frank Darabont and the actors successfully create a spectacular film and re-invented Stephen King’s novella “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” exceptionally well. From the first scene within the Shawshank Prison, Darabont immediately depicts the blandness and the terror of the prison, as the prison walls are all painted in grey, prisoners clothes are striped grey and white, and the prison is surrounded by barbed-wired fences and mighty watch-towers, which possess gun-wielding guards. Andy Dufresne somehow brought light to a place covered in darkness. His persistent belief in “Hope”…show more content…
When Hadley assaults the newcomer on the first day and kills him and when he also kills Tommy makes the viewers wonder who should be behind the bars and who should be out. Also when Hadley had Andy’s life in his hand, when he held over the edge of the roof or when he paralysed the leader of the ‘Sisters’ gang. A question comes into one’s mind, why does a facility made to change the habits of criminals allow their guards and their Warden to exhibit those very habits they try to change? For a man who presents himself as a follower of God, Warden Norton shows us little to none of the qualities a man of God should have. Also how Brooks didn’t want to be released from prison and how while he was free he thought of breaking his parole to go back into prison. The director captured the fear on Brooks face very well with a close, while Brooks on his ride to freedom. Brooks release led to him hanging himself. Red also expressed the same feeling after he was finally released on parole and felt like exiting the world like Brooks, but a promise he made to Andy kept him going on. Andy Dufresne captured the contradiction of the prison very well by saying “it took prison to make me a crook” after the Warden get Dufresne involved in money
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