Rita Solution-Focused Therapy Case Study

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a) Your answer to professional lens i. Selective use of theory When beginning a professional relationship with Rita, I would use a mix of solution-focused brief therapy and strengths-based theory. I would use these interchangeably as I further get to know Rita. I believe these theories would be the utmost effective because it will focus on Rita’s strengths including her resilience that she has demonstrated many times before. Moreover, the strengths approach would capitalize on Rita’s capacity for change, her ability to move forward and overcome her recent diagnoses and giving Rita courage and power that she needs to persevere (Heinonen & Spearman, 2010). Additionally, the strengths-based approach would provide Rita with the idea of wellness and support and ensure that improving Rita’s quality of life will contribute to other gains in her life such as relationships with friends, family and her community (Heinonen & Spearman, 2010). Using the solution-focused approach would be effective because it would allow Rita to focus on the future and help her to refrain from dwelling on the past. Moreover, using solution focused theory would allow Rita to learn goal setting and it would set her up for further success. I believe asking scaling questions and the miracle question would be effective in working…show more content…
I would ensure that despite Rita’s past, I would treat her with respect and never take her dignity by being condescending or judgmental. I would ensure that I am providing a service to humanity by placing Rita’s needs over my self-interest. Moreover, I would encourage Rita to set and pursue personal goals which would promote positive development. Finally, I would guarantee that I am confident in my approach and my professional practice to ensure Rita is receiving the best
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