Rita Williams Author Study

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Susan Trejo

February 18, 2016


Rita Williams-Garcia Author Study


Rita Williams is one of those people who makes really interesting books. The two books that I have read are One Crazy Summer and P.S Be Eleven. Both books are related to each other. They have another book called Gone Crazy in Alabama that is after P.S Be Eleven. One Crazy Summers has won 3 awards in 2011. Those awards are Newbery Honor Award, Coretta Scott King Award, and the Scott O’Dell Award. The Newbery Honor Award is an award for authors that write books for children that has distinguished literature. The Coretta Scott King Award is an award for African-American authors/illustrators that is for children that shows African-American
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One Crazy Summer is the prequel to P.S Be Eleven. [SPOILER ALERT] One Crazy Summer is about 3 sisters going to Oakland, California for the summer. The 3 sisters live with their mother while they are at California. The 3 sisters names are Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern. Delphine is the oldest, Vonetta is the middle child, and Fern is the youngest. Fern has a doll that she calls Miss Patty Cake. Vonetta colors Miss Patty Cake with an black magic marker which makes Fern go crazy. Fern leaves Miss Patty Cake in her suitcase and doesn’t use her for the entire trip. Delphine reads a newspaper about a boy named Lil Bobby dying from a police. He was the youngest Black Panther at the age of 18. Delphine gets scared for an upcoming rally about naming the park after Bobby. She thinks there will be shooting when the police finds out about the rally. Her mother, Cecile, asks her some questions like ‘if she ever seen a gun’ and ‘did anyone point a gun at her’. Cecile forced Delphine, Vonetta and Fern to the rally and perform their poem. Before that, Cecile got arrested with two other Black Panthers. The 3 scared little girls acted like Cecile wasn’t their mother and ran to their apartment. The Black Panthers left a mess in the kitchen with papers and ink everywhere. The girls cleaned up the mess that was left and put everything nicely back where they belong. Cecile saw Vonetta poem that she made about Crazy Kelvin. Cecile gave the girls…show more content…
P.S Be Eleven is from the time they get to Alabama all away to after Valentine 's Day. It all started with Delphine narrating inside the plane. The plane is about to land and the plane ride was worse than the plane ride going to California. The 3 girls caused a huge problem in the airport because Fern had to use the restroom real bad. Fern got made fun at the airport from some kids wearing Mickey Mouse hats. Big Ma is their grandmother who caught Delphine for bumping into a man and knocking down his paper. Big Ma apologize deeply but started to annoy the man with all the sorryness. Big Ma said she will tell Pa about it and Delphine got scared. She thought that she will also get a belt. Delphine acted stubborn during the ride to their house. By the time Delphine got home, Vonetta and Fern ran to the mailbox to see if Cecile sended them a postcard. Delphine had an extra postcard from the gift shop they went to and she used the postcard to send a letter to Cecile. The three girls had to go to school a couple days after they landed. Delphine was excited because she got the nice teacher in her grade but sadly she got a exchanged teacher from a different country. The teacher explain why he was there and not their other teacher. Delphine and the students were sad about them not getting to do fun stuff that the other students in another country get to do. Throughout the school year, Delphine had to do a project with some people that she
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