Essay On Becoming A Pharmacist

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Growing up, both my parents have been taking medications for high blood pressure and diabetes, I had a great interest in the health field since then. After I completed my first bachelor degree in Health and Wellness, I have had the privilege of working at Rite Aid pharmacy for a little over two years. I consider my experiences and knowledge that I gained there to have been valuable in my academic career thus far. I have met and worked with local pharmacists and I hope to become one of them one day. Not only were they kind enough to offer their time in letting me shadow them, but each of them went out of their way to explain the process of filling medications in the pharmacy. I was given books to read (some of which I was even told to keep and…show more content…
I have been lucky and honored to work with an amazing team of pharmacists who were always there to answer any of my never ending questions. One aspect that made me fall in love with a pharmacy career was the special interaction between pharmacists and patients. Another reason I have decided to pursue Doctor of Pharmacy degree was the fact that I have seen many refugee patients who were unable to understand why they were on medications. One day, I assisted a new patient to the pharmacy who did not speak English but luckily, I was able to interpret in Arabic language. She needed to get her medication refilled, when I asked her which one, she replied "the one I take for fat". She meant for her cholesterol. From that moment, my decision to pursue pharmacy education got stronger than before.
In addition, I worked as a Wellness Ambassador where I was assisting patients find over the counter medications, direct them to the pharmacist for medication questions, community outreach activities such as immunization clinics, as well as organize monthly health events inside the
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