Rite Of Passage Essay

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I want to start off identifying rite of passage. In my understanding of it, rites of passage are when an individual moves on to another chapter in his life and there are rituals required in the process. In my experience with rites of passage was when I was a young boy and I partook in a wedding as the ring bearer. I remember walking down the middle of an aisle with a ring resting on a soft white pillow. As I finished walking down the aisle they did not grab the ring from me rather it was another man who had a ring in their pocket. Caught me by surprise for I was wondering what ring I was holding, and it so turned out to be a fake ring. But as I watch the Bride and the Groom look into each other 's eyes and they had to recite words from the…show more content…
I believe Christianity 's influence on Native Americans started toward the end of the 19th century when the US government fell in the hands of the Native Americans. In which the government believed that converting the Native Americans into Christians would tranquilize their anger when they took over. Some Native Americans Christians have diverted to the European style of Christianity and others a mix of both. Many Native American Christians today now have songs with bible characters in it. Also, having visions of Jesus Christ and Mary are well known in Native American religion. On one text they associated a Deer with Jesus Christ as a symbol for Men to live and I quote "Jesus is often associated with the deer because both represent a sacrifice so humans may live and prosper."(pg.44) Hopfe, L. M., & Woodward, M. R. (2011). The fact that Jesus played a role with a deer showed some significance on how Christianity influenced the Native Americans. In Christianity 's influence with Africa, it is said the greatest growth came when the Bible was available in their language and it was at the time of 1950. There is also a time when a group called "Lord 's Resistance Army" Came in and forced half a million people out their place to have a government base on the Ten commandments (pg.62) Hopfe, L. M., & Woodward, M. R. (2011). This operation occurred in Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda. The approach of influencing the African religion showed more a forceful way to approach
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