Rite Of Passage In The Goose Girl

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They say everyone goes through the rite of passage; however the way people went through it is unique. Rite of passage is the transition from one phase of life to another phase. This can be seen in the book The Goose Girl written by Shannon Hale. Where the readers follow the main character Ani's journey, through the stages of rite of passage.
Ani's separation in the rite of passage is when she is forced to run off into the forest. In contrast, all her life she has been the Crown Princess, meanwhile her life changes when her mother sent her off to marry the crown Prince of another faraway kingdom for peace, without her acknowledge. However, on the journey her escort army rebels. "When the horse for leg touches ground again, he howled into a gallop."( Hale134) Now, she has no choice but to immediately run into the forest, into the unknown. This decision to run away from home rather than toward it, this is the separation of the rite of passage.
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Ani experiences it while she stand up to Ungload in her dream. Furthermore, Ani has run away from Ungload from time to time either in dream or real life, inches from getting killed. "First image of a dream- Ungload at her heels, and instead of running, she reached out for aid. Her finger touches darkness. "(500) On the other hand, Ani has run away from time to time. Nevertheless, this time Ani is trying harder to survive and have a better life. In addition, she seems more ready for her life, represents by Ani is no longer running away. Also she is gaining confidence, and facing her
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