Rite Of Spring Analysis

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Rites of Spring by Modris Eksteins
Learners should acquire information that offers insight on past occurrences to understand some of the factors which had an influence on people’s lives and to obtain insight on how the past might have influenced the present times. Modris Eksteins’ “Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth,” serves as an important source of information for readers who may have the desire to acquire an awareness of the implications of the Great War in Europe, and the connection of the War to the emergence of modernity. The book shows that the development of cultural dances, as well as other social happenings, enlightened the Europeans about what modernity
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One of the obvious strengths of the book is that the author creates a release which offers an in-depth explanation of the major points. The author spends enough time and space to elaborate the ideas he presents, and this makes it possible for readers to understand the information without having many doubts and suspense as it would occur if Eksteins could provide a shallow description. The second vital element of the book is that the author makes use of the works of several other authors to make his work reliable, and one which does not evoke suspension from users. The use of other writers’ works to explain his ideas give readers the opportunity to conduct further research on the topic to acquire more enlightenment on the implications of the Great War in Europe. The primary limitation in the book, however, is that the author fails to use visual presentations to make it easy for readers to understand some of the concepts in the book. The audience would know some of the ideas in the book much better if the author would include graphical representations such as tables, charts, and images. The book would also be easy for readers to understand if the author utilized a diction which is relatively simpler for learners at the lower levels to know. The complexity in the book becomes evident in the way Eksteins jumps from one idea to the other and then infusing the information at a later stage. Even though Eksteins’ way of writing brings out the impression of an excellent writer, readers at lower levels may have to be keen while going through the publication to benefit from the
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