Rites Of Passage Analysis

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My initial response after reading about rites of passages was somewhat shocking. I was originally looking at rites of passage as more of an initiation or learning lesson in which I have experienced. I was not aware that other cultures view rites of passage, especially when it comes to puberty, in a much different perspective. It was somewhat disturbing to here about the sexual mutilation that exists in some cultures when dealing with puberty in men and when. Understanding rites of passage in other cultures is mostly the celebration or challenge for a man or women to make the change from childhood to adulthood. That can be shown in a series of challenges or tests proving that they have learned the roles and responsibilities needed to become…show more content…
The stigmas that are associated with the military and our culture tend to scrutinize and slander those that serve their country. The rites of passage that recruits must endure in boot camp are required in order to adapt and survive in the military culture. I also understand that I have my bias views and opinions that want to protect and justify why Marines act the way they do and why we do the things we do, because I am currently a Marine. But this class has taught me to think outside the box from an anthropologist point of view and see all aspects of the culture. When describing rites of passage it will be a challenge to accept or see the reasoning behind other cultures practice on rites of passage, especially those that cause harm or mutilate genitals for rites of passage. It will be hard to not put in my personal convictions when talking about rite of passage from a military mans perspective since I am one. Keeping and open mind to other cultures from an etic or emic perspective without being bias is somewhat of a challenge. My paper is a work in progress at this point and my focus is to complete the rough draft in the next 2 days to begin the proof read and make sure my writing isn’t from a bias view. References and using reading outside of the book is consuming time but educating me at the same
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