Rites Of Passage In Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars

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How do rites of passages affect the characters in the novel The Looking Glass Wars? The rites of passage affect many characters in the novel by putting the characters through many changes throughout the book and it test each character's ability. In author usually use rites of passages to change their characters. These rites of passages are shown when a character has to do something out of there comfort zone. In The Looking Glass Wars, Beddor uses imagery, detail, and figurative language to portray the rites of passages in the novel. In the beginning of the novel Alyss is described as oblivious, spoiled, and frightened. Alyss states “‘He’s late’ Alyss then continues . He promised he’d be here. I don’t understand why he had to make a trip so close to my birthday” (Beddor 21). This shows that Alyss is oblivious to why her dad is gone, she thinks that everyone should be there for her on her birthday and this shows selfishness . The author states that “Alyss finds a cat with a simple greeting Happy Birthday Alyss ”. (Beddor 34) This shows to…show more content…
In the novel Alyss States to Redd “ I’d rather be disowned than for them to be murdered” Beddor (139) Alyss can be described here as Brave she is sticking up for her friends and basically saying she would never let her freinds be murdered. In the looking Glass Wars Alyss grows up throughout the book so the reader may think that Alyss becomes more mature and she matures her imagination mature’s like in the book when she is trying to convince Redd that she killed her “ But I killed you Alyss said “ Did you” why wasn’t I informed. Beddor (169) Alyss the reader can infer that Alyss’s imagination has matured because she was able to see herself killing
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