Rites Of Passage In The Film Stand By Me

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Intro: The film Stand by Me is a coming of age story directed by Rob Reiner, it is based on Stephen King’s Novella The Body. The film is about the transition of four boys from childhood to adolescence and the rites of passage they experience throughout their journey. The film makes use of symbolism in a variety of forms to represent certain ideas and concepts. An example of symbolism is the train tracks the boys take to find the body, this represents the path they take in life. Music is also used in the film to define and enhance certain concepts.

Para 1: Symbolism / rite of passage
Rundown of boys-individual journey
Rite of passage is the idea of an event or ceremony that marks an important stage in someone’s life. In the case of the film
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When it is stolen by Ace, Gordie desperately pleas “Give it to me! Come on! Man! That 's mine”. Gordie has experienced death firsthand and his family is still “putting the pieces together”, leading them to neglect Gordie. This was one of the reasons for Gordie wanting to find the body aswell as finding closure. Chris Chambers would much rather not be associated with his family as they are considered to be “lowlife Chambers”. He undertakes this journey to prove himself to the town. At the start of the journey Chris has a gun with him for protection. This demonstrates him taking responsibility and leadership which is a rite of passage. Vern undertakes the journey to prove himself to his friends as he is considered
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