Ritona Junes Narrative

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In the kingdom of highland all was peaceful the sun rose and fell through all the days.
The grand castle stood there in all its shinning glory. There stood Ritona Junes in awe she always wanted to roam the gorgeous castle, but what made here jaw drop more was the heroic knights who came in and out the castle. Many of them wore sliver armor shinning in the sun everything about them was heroic her father always told his experiences and stories about being a knight to her. She was only 13 when her father went with his group to attack another evil kingdom. She remembered waiting by the door of her house every day. Her mother was always very optimistic. Mary married a noble knight who always protected his homeland she wasn’t very anxious about
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My eyes continued glaring at him as he merely stood there amused then I remembered.
“Your Ethan redwood” His expression lighted up and he spoke” Yup that’s me the only kid on the block who holds a grudge against you, and I am your only completion for the knight exams”.
“Grudge what you hold against me”
“Not much really”
“I supposed you aren’t going to tell me what you hold against me”
“Nope, but I will tell you that your my rival from now on.”
“Your sword skills are a little rusty though.”
“I disagree with that I can keep up with your attacks perfectly.”
He merely nodded when I said that and proceeded to tell me his life story or something.
I was impatient with this boy now can he just leave.
He continued talking I tuned him out and ignored his speaking. My attention was caught as soon as he began saying something else.
"I always wanted to defeat you in a dual Ritona and since your father 's dead I can 't really do much, but I don’t wish to kill you anymore."
What one earth did this boy have against me and now he 's bringing up my father.
I grew extremely puzzled and grimaced when he brought up my father and now he practically threatened me again this time without a

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