Ritual Slaughter In China

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Ritual slaughter is a form of slaughtering animals for the sake of religion and belief systems. It is mainly used for the Muslim and Jewish religions as they are prescribed to eat different types of meat such as Halal and Kosher foods. Both religions have really strict religious rules and have had to follows their sacred scriptures for hundreds of years. They are only allowed certain type of meat such as beef and chicken, but they are not allowed to eat any porcine species. Although these days people in the 21st century are against Ritual Slaughter as they feel it mainly affects Animal Rights. People feel animals shouldn't be killed for the reason of religion but this ritual has been followed for many years. In this report I will be examining…show more content…
This is when the dog's skin is shaved and they are then burnt and slaughtered brutally. About 10 to 15 thousand dogs and cats lives are taken as the people want to indulge on their meat. Well what to do the people in china think about it? Some of them think that it's time the country moves on with the times and bring an end to this festival as it affects the right of an animal's. Although there are some people who consider about the life of an innocent animal there are a few hypocrites who feel that this festival who should be promoted worldwide. There are a few people in this world including the comedian, Ricky Gervais who wants people to contribute and bring an end to this nasty festival. Dog Yulin Festival, personally should be banned without any second thoughts. People in china are also aware this is a case of animal cruelty. A dog is said to be a “A man’s best friend”... then why do you want to take the life of your best friend? . The china government shows that taking the lives of a dog is completely legal. The china should realise over the last few years, people have decided to disapprove of this festival and have gone about their respective cities and protested fighting for the lives of the innocent dogs and cats. If this continues we can see a slight change in this situation and in no time we will see an end to this nasty and gruesome…show more content…
Firstly I would like to point out that Ritual slaughter should be done away from the city as it might affect loads of people who are viewing these disgusting and terrible scenes. Try and do it in a quiet area if people feel there is any need to continue these killings. Another way which might make thing a little bit better is to try and make the killing a bit more peaceful for the animals. Instead of slaughtering them brutally, try and find way that won't keep the animals in such pain that they will be in grief throughout the whole process. Try and take care of them and be a bit lenient towards them and treat them with extreme care. Do not chain them and strangle them till the very last second. Let them enjoy their life and make the best use it until someone decides to unnecessarily kill them. Lastly we can let people that what they are doing is completely wrong even it is for the sake of religion as they can celebrate in a more cleaner and friendlier way. Festivals does not mean that you must take an animal's life. Festivals are a time when you can spend and cherish the time with your loved ones. Finally I would like to conclude this essay by saying that Ritual Slaughter should be banned immediately as it affects the rights of an animal and doesn’t give them any chance to live. These animals are sacred and precious. The more we
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