Ritz Carlton Case Study

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1. Introduction
In the beginning of 1900s, the first Ritz-Carlton hotels were built in Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boca Raton and Atlantic City. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company originally started with the hotel in Boston which now serves as a basis of service standards for other Ritz-Carlton hotels across the world. The logo was created in 1965 by combining the lion and the crown. The crown is the symbol of royalty here, while the lion stands for wealth. All this demonstrates sophistication and elegance (The Ritz-Carlton, 2016). The Ritz-Carlton company became the first service business that was rewarded twice with the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (Go2hr.ca, 2016). The hotel chain ensures that they provide excellent technical and emotional service delivery, while giving the guest a feeling of being unique. To ensure the first-class standards, performance of each department is measured. The whole company works on the same goal being customer satisfaction (Pronovost, 2013). William Johnson purchased the rights of the Ritz-Carlton name in 1983 and the chain is owned by Marriott International (Referenceforbusiness.com, 2016).

2. Who was/is the creator of the company? What was his vision and leadership style?
2.1 Description of the company’s creator
The company was created by Cesar Ritz, the legend of hotelier business. Although he died in 1918, his wife (Marie) continued increasing the company, while remaining his name. The hotel in Boston brings out the
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