Ritz Carlton Customer Service Model

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The objective of this paper is to introduce The Ritz Carlton Company LLC and to shed more light on the organization as a customer service model (Vis-à-vis service standards), a player in the contemporary hospitality industry and as a business to customer service model. It details the numerous activities and processes that the Ritz Carlton Hotel employs to understand its customers and create an impression desired to keep him coming back because he feels well served. We will particularly seek to uncover the reasons for uniqueness of the Ritz Carlton service offerings, the features and achievements of its brand and the meaning and significance of the Gold Standards. With this approach we intend to reveal its service concepts and structures of…show more content…
He set up the Carlton in London and the Ritz in Paris and completely revolutionized the luxury hotel industry at that time. Since its entry into the hospitality business the Ritz Carlton brand has been a pace setter in luxury hotel excellence. Early on, the Ritz boosted the aristocracy’s trade by laying specific emphasis on the guest experience, mocking up grand physical environments, innovative hotel design, creating environments of uncompromising quality, and thus established what has become the Gold Standard for luxury and the epitome of service excellence. The company increased its locations, which included The Ritz-Carlton, Boston, which furthered the reputation of the Ritz properties in Europe and offered the emerging high society customers a hotel of unmatched quality in Boston. After World War II, the changing economic conditions replaced the aristocracy with the business traveler, and to date this remains the key target group in the Ritz Carlton customer base. The Gold Standard of excellence remains – the manner in which it is interpreted to the contemporary luxury hotel clientele changes to match the needs and wishes of the customer. In the United States the Ritz Carlton Investing Company was initially established by Albert Keller who bought and franchised the name. The Ritz Carlton which was in the early 1900s in several locations like Boston, created its mark by laying a benchmark in quality standards of service and was able to lay the foundation for further hotels through its Boston branch, which was the only branch operating since the 1940s. (The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company LLC,
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