Ritz Carlton Case Study

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The objective of this paper is to introduce The Ritz Carlton Company LLC and to shed more light on the organization as a customer service model (Vis-à-vis service standards), a player in the contemporary hospitality industry and as a business to customer service model. It details the numerous activities and processes that the Ritz Carlton Hotel employs to understand its customers and create an impression desired to keep him coming back because he feels well served. We will particularly seek to uncover the reasons for uniqueness of the Ritz Carlton service offerings, the features and achievements of its brand and the meaning and significance of the Gold Standards. With this approach we intend to reveal its service concepts and structures of service quality for which it has been referenced as a landmark model in customer relationship management.

Service delivery could definitely be judged from direct customer experience. Good service and efficient customer care are aspects of service management that eventually establish customer loyalty. Successful business globally have continuously channeled considerable resources and manpower to control and establish reliable customer relationship strategy with a view to driving sales via customer loyalty mechanisms. With the use of integrated information systems and communication technology, organizations are now able to support customers within a broader geographical spread. More often than not the customer may require assurance of

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