Ritz Carlton Case Study

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I think what is going on here is that The Ritz-Carlton has found success in the hotel industry because of its ability to “tangibilize” its intangible offering. What sets The Ritz-Carlton apart from any other hotel is the professional level of service it provides to its guests. Our President and COO explains that “our business is service. We charge for service. Our commitment to our customers is excellence in service. Service is our profession” (McManus, S., & Sucher, S., 2005, p.13). The Ritz-Carlton’s offering to guests is not the hotel rooms or the food; it’s the social interaction, sense of satisfaction, and overall experience that guests pay for when staying at our hotels. Because The Ritz-Carlton’s actual offering is its service, the ultimate challenge the company faces is finding ways to turn its intangible customer service into a tangible offering. So far The Ritz-Carlton has been able to successfully communicate the value of its intangible service to guests through its employees, promotions, guest recognition, achievement of rewards, and hotel customization. For example, we implemented guest recognition procedures such as putting special monogrammed pillowcases in a guest’s room after they’ve stayed at our hotel a certain number of times. This procedure demonstrates our recognition of the guest and shows that we care about them. The goal is to create a better experience for the guest and leave a positive lasting impression. Our company’s success is dependent upon

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