Ritz Carlton Competitive Advantage

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A familiar organization and the analysis of its competitive advantage
There are several organizations that have competitive advantages in the industry. However, one familiar organization that has maintained its competitive advantage in its industry is the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States of America, Ritz-Carlton is regarded as one of the best in the hotel industry and has received several accolades for great customer services (Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts, n.d.). Nevertheless, to fully understand its competitive advantage in the industry, it is essential to analyze how the organization operates. The Ritz-Carlton hotel management understands the value of employees; therefore, investing
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The organization has explicitly kept this advantageous environment over other organizations by improving its service capacity. Additionally, the organization ensures that it stays ahead of its rivals by engaging in research and development that focuses on luxury products and market analysis. The Ritz-Carlton hotel uses data from its research to predict the future of the industry; therefore able to dictate what and how the market will trend in the foreseeable future. Another factor that keeps the organization’s advantage over its rivals is that while rivals tend to become a hotel brand in the industry, Ritz-Carlton has rather position itself to be a leader and lifestyle brand that constantly develop new properties and ensure that customers live the culture of the hotel. The final factor that has kept the advantage of the organization intact is the culture of trust that exists between the management and employees. The leadership of the hotel lives and communicates the organization’s value to employees who in turn satisfy customers in a way that they often anticipate a return visit. These are some of the reasons that the Ritz-Carlton hotel continued advantageous environment over its rivals has persisted in the hotel and resort industry (Reiss,…show more content…
Through a meticulous analysis, the organization has specific trademarks of empowering employees to settle disputes with customers even to the extent of offering compensations and benefits packages without consulting the management. Though competitors would have the intention to erode the competitive advantage of the Ritz-Carlton hotel; they, however, do not possess the requisite resources and capabilities to make it a reality. As long as they cannot replicate and imitate what the Ritz-Carlton hotel is doing, it is fair to conclude that the trend of dominance will continue for a very long

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