Case Analysis: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

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CRM may be especially important to the hotel industry where most companies offer just about the core products and services. Regardless of being differentiated by their star rating, most hotels tend to offer pretty much the same core products and services: accommodation encompassed by a scope of food and beverage services (Choi et al., 2001). To acquire loyalty and to exceed other competitors, hotel providers must have the capacity to get abnormal amounts of customer satisfaction for the service supplied (Dominici et al., 2010).CRM usage and utilization of the instrument allows building a sustainable competitive advantage in a varying environment (Jones et al., 2004). The Ritz‐Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C. is the guardian company of the Ritz‐Carlton…show more content…
Ritz‐Carlton International is the leading hospitality management company. Its political, financial, social and technological environment analysis are as follows: Ritz‐Carlton has perceived the value of laws and regulations of the individual country. The political situation in every nation is distinctive and must be addressed properly. Ritz‐Carlton has taken after convention composed by the individual country like; no smoking policy, non-fat food, low calorie diet and so on (Michelli, 2009). The rising economy of the Asia and other developing area is encouraging Ritz‐Carlton to invest more in these regions. Then again, the expanding cost of fuel is urging it to concentrate on clean energy and to be more environments friendly which additionally support in controlling the expense of the operations (Michelli,…show more content…
The practicality and potential benefit of a hotel can be resolved for the Ritz- Carlton as follows: The purchaser power in the Hospitality business is moderate. As the Ritz‐Carlton has solid brand recognition, it can draw in new guest effectively with little effort of marketing and advancements. Ritz‐Carlton is giving quality service reliably and giving the best experience to its guest at all level (Kirby, 2007). The supplier power is moderate for Ritz‐Carlton. Property owners, designers, planners, real estate organizations, advertising firms, law offices and information technology service and equipment suppliers are some case of supplier in the business. Food and drink supplier, utility supplier and work supplier are likewise key player, as they are real stakeholder in minimizing operational expense of operation (Alomtairi, 2009). Threat of new Entrants for Ritz‐Carlton is significantly high because of the generous development in hospitality industry in recent years. The unfavorable financial state of some European countries additionally has lowered the estimation of land and real estate and it is very likely to attract new businessperson in the hospitality industry. The economic growth in South Asia and Asia Pacific is additionally maximizing the threat of new participants (Alomtairi,
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