Ritz Carlton Organizational Structure

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The purpose of this report is to find solutions to the prevailing issues in Ritz Carlton like an increase in absenteeism, demotivation, a decrease in productivity level as well as discrimination, underpay and conflicts arising between team members. For the purpose of this assignment, the focus will be on providing recommendations to improve the culture, working environment, structure, motivation of employees and strengthen team-working. Ritz Carlton is using a hierarchical and centralised structure, first of all, different type of structures will be proposed to find the right one. The different type of structures (1) Functional – each portion of the organisation is grouped according to its purpose. (2) Matrix - ‘’ creates project teams that cut across traditional functional departments, instead of highlighting the role or status of individuals, it gathers together a team of specialists with the objective of completing a task or a project successfully ‘’ . (3) Divisional – It is the grouping of workers on the basis of products being produced, followed by the functional structure. There are two types of divisional structure , (a) Product structure (b) Process structure (4) Geographical – It is the grouping of workers on the basis of regions, followed by the functional structure and , (5) Hierarchical structure which has been adopted by Ritz Carlton. It shows the different levels of hierarchy, span of control and chain of command. It shows clearly the

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