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You may fantasize about fairy-tale castles, windmills, exotic food and romantic ancient ruins and think you could never meet the expense of the experience. Auspiciously, there are several European river cruises that provide a variety of ports with rational prices. you can make the most of your European vacation with a cruise, traveling to numerous vastly different countries and having amply of time to explore millennia-old cities. There are 7 inexpensive European river cruises we think you should know about. Viking River Cruises – Amsterdam to Budapest This 15-day grand tour of Europe includes both windmills and castles. It includes three iconic rivers: the Rhine, the Main and the Danube that flow from Holland to the mysterious Budapest. Some of the adventures include a tour of a working windmill and a stop at Marksburg Castle, which is the only fortress…show more content…
Once behind the Iron Curtain, these countries now have much to reveal. The price of this river cruise is $2,756. Uniworld – Vienna to Prague The 10 days you spend traveling up the Danube River from Vienna to Prague includes stunning art, medieval cities, Gothic cathedrals and glorious beauty of sheer cliffs and small baroque villages. This is the heart of the Habsburg Empire. In Vienna, you will tour the historic capital and all its art. In Prague, you’ll see architecture that identified Gothic Renaissance in the baroque city. Some of the highlights of your trip will include touring the walled city of Nuremberg, looking at Italian art in Passau, and a taste of modern day micro-brewing in Straubing. You’ll also be able to take a bicycle along a path by the river and ride a horse-drawn wagon through the Bavarian Forest. This river cruise is unique because it offers multi-generational family packages, so you can bring both children and grandparents for a fun time. The cost of this cruise is $4,049 per

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