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River Phoenix was born on August 23, 1970 in Oregon on a farm where his parents were working. (Biography.com Editors) His parents John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Dunetz were living a bohemian lifestyle and moved around frequently. (Biography.com Editors) They were raising their children in a very non-traditional way. The family joined a religious group called the Children of God Commune. (Connely 2013) In this commune the children were sent into the streets to sing or they would go hungry. (Connely 2013) This commune was considered a Christian sex cult where the children were encouraged to have sex with adults and other children. (Connely 2013) In an interview, River told Details magazine he was 4 when he first made love. (Connely 2013) “But I’ve blocked it out,” he said. “I was completely celibate from 10 to 14.” (Phoenix) The family left the commune and found themselves back in the United States and lived Florida. (Biography.com Editors) He at that time started performing in talent shows and attracted some attention for the acting and music skills. (Biography.com Editors) Before long the family moved out to California for the entertainment industry. (Biography.com Editors) River did some commercials and made some films, his most popular at the time was “Stand by Me” in 1986. (Biography.com…show more content…
“The addictive act, once it has begun, invariably fuels the problem with guilt, shame, lowered self-esteem, and isolation” ((Van Wormer and Davis, Pg 298 ) If River had received some therapy regarding his sexual abuse maybe it would not have progressed into a riskier addiction like drugs. Some of the treatments that he could have received could have been psychotherapy, group counseling and perhaps a self-help group. (Van Wormer and Davis, 2013) Some therapists may also prescribe medication, I do not agree with this type of treatment for someone who has River’s
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