River Pollution Case Study

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Chapter 1
1.1 General
The fresh water is very important for all humans, animals, and all living organisms. After the air, water is the most essential component on earth for the life. The main sources of water on earth are rivers, lakes, underground water, springs, glaciers etc. The total amount water is required for drinking is depends on the age of the humans, environmental conditions (eg. summer, winter), availability and quality of water etc. All living things required water for the survival. Water is use for several activity like drinking, cooking, cloths and floor washing, gardening and industrial purposes. Water is not only used for the drinking purpose but it is used for the vegetation for the foods because food is also
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India is a country where 14 large rivers basins and lots of smalls river basins. These smalls’ rivers are mostly flowing in monsoon seasons and during the time of heavy rainfall. The total annual average rainfall including snowfall is approx 4000 billion cubic meters across the country. In an ancient time most of the civilization grew along the bank of the river for the multi-use of the river water, but now a day some river are highly polluted due to indiscrimination dumping of the waste water. River water is also maintaining the ecosystem. Humans & flora and fauna not only depend on water. They also used foods for our growth and food can 't grow without the water. Some aquatic organism are very sensitive, a little change in water constituent can result in large scale die off, bio…show more content…
Water Quality Index is work like a tool that provide meaningful summary. The physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the water sample are compared with the drinking water standards and guidelines for the determination of the Water Quality Index. If the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the water is beyond the define limit then it will affect the human health. It has been realized that the use of individual water quality variable in order to describe the water quality for common public is not easily understand worthy. Water Quality Index has an efficiency to convert all the information into a single number to indicate the data in a simple form. It is similar to Air Quality Index. According to World Health Organization (WHO) Gwalior was the second most air polluted city in the world.
River water quality monitoring is very necessary to preserve the clean water resources. If any serious action isn’t taken yet, the upcoming generation will not grow up properly as water is one of the most crucial thing among the five great elements (Pancha Bhoota) viz. Earth (Prithvi), Air (vayu), Fire (Agni), Sky (Akash).

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