River Pollution Causes

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POLLUTION CAUSED BY HUMAN ACTIVITIES ALONG THE UMVOTI RIVER AND THE CONSEQUENCES BROUGHT WITH IT. The uMvoti River is located in Kwa Zulu Natal. It flows west to east past the uMzinyathi district, near the Greytown area, towards the Indian Ocean. It has clearly become evident that there is mass pollution located at and around the river. River pollution is a serious problem. Not only is it being experienced along the uMvoti River, but all over South Africa. We all go about our everyday lives not acknowledging the problems we face and the consequences brought with them. This research task aims to acknowledge these problems and implement ideas or actions that can be carried out to counter act these problems. THE IMPORTANCE OF…show more content…
People living in rural areas generally settle near rivers as it is a good water source. The villagers do their laundry along the river and the excess dirt and detergent flows away into the river. Villagers also tend to bath in the rivers. The villagers later collect water from the river which they tend to use for drinking and other external uses. Due to the contamination of the water, diseases such as cholera now exist in the water. Some of these people get the disease by drinking the water. Some of these diseases can cause damage to the human nervous system which could lead to cancer in the future. In specific cases people have died from these diseases due to the lack of treatment and other medical services. Therefore one can easily come to a conclusion. We perform tasks that not only harm the environment but ourselves with no…show more content…
Pollution is a problem that is often taken for granted. Pollution is usually a frequent topic in schools as the Department of Education aims to target the youth in promoting the awareness of this problem. Despite their efforts many of us push this to the side not realising the seriousness of it. When I received this task I knew that I could no longer act clueless. In a few months I will be leaving school and heading out into the real world. I knew that I needed to do this task to the best of my ability to ensure myself that I am ready for the responsibilities of adulthood. As time passed by I learnt more about the situation at hand and realised that most of our problems we face are actually due to our own actions. I discovered a common trend amongst many of us. Many of us find ourselves caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to take a break and just think for a moment. We all walk about blindly not realising what is happening around us, both good and

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