The River Runs Deep Analysis

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It’s difficult to make a decision in life. The choices made in life can lead you on a path you’ll regret. In the song “The River Runs Deep” by Tom Pepe the speaker uses repetition, metaphor, and parallel structure to communicate the theme of making choices. The speaker of the song “The River Runs Deep” uses repetition to convey the theme of making choices. The speaker tells the story of two 19-year-old boys, each one of their stories is told in the two verses. The speaker repeats the phrase “He was only 19”. In the first verse the speaker says “Even all the fiend know better than to touch it / He was 19 begging please give me something (Line 22-23)” while in the second verse it says “I could make you rich it switch to this club shit / He was only 19 begging please give me something (Line 70-71) ”. In each quote, the speaker explains the age of the boy. In the United States the age of maturity is 18. Both of the characters in each story are 19. Both are young in this world having to make choices that can affect their own future. The boy in the first verse calls his drug dealer after losing his home, for buying drugs cause of his addiction. Even after losing his home all he cares is trying to get another fix of drugs. His dealer offerers his something stronger than what’s he used to, something that’s more dangerous and also offers him the opportunity to become a dealer. The boy doesn’t care he takes the drugs and becomes a dealer. In the second verse, the other boy is a small time rapper. He calls his producer trying to get a new gig but…show more content…
The speaker is trying to explain to the reader that choices we make about life could lead us on different paths that we might want to go through. The speaker is trying to tell the reader that they have to be careful about making choices in your life to follow your dreams or you’ll end up with a life of regrets or no life at
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