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The beginning of the book Streams to the River, River to the Sea is set in 1804 in the Shoshone village in the Rocky Mountains. Written from the perspective of the young Shoshone girl Sacagawea, this novel illustrates her experiences as a young adult and her point of view of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
As a thirteen-year-old, she and her cousin were kidnapped and taken as slaves by hunters from an enemy tribe. The chief of the tribe contrives a plan to marry Sacagawea to his son. She escapes one night in a bull boat, but the current takes her away and she loses control of the boat. She eventually washes ashore an island in the Missouri River. Not long after, she is rescued by a passing French trader, who takes her back to the tribe. Him, the chief’s son, and a rival chief all play “the game of hands,” to decide who will marry Sacagawea. The French trader wins and they wed six days later. Sacagawea soon becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son. Her husband returns from a trade run with a group of explorers. He and Sacagawea are hired by Lewis and Clark to help guide them on their expedition. They leave soon after her son’s birth. Clark develops sympathy for Sacagawea after seeing how her husband mistreats her, and so does Sacagawea. With their new love affair, the tension rises between her husband and the captains. By July 1805,
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The author has a unique writing style that makes the book one of a kind. It was as if Sacagawea herself was telling the story; his writing made the story convincing and set a great tone for the book. I have read a novel similar in nature to this one, called The Secret of Sarah Revere. The author of the novel also sets an amazing tone and made the story believable. However, I feel the author of Streams to the River, River to the Sea does a much better job of keeping me engaged. I would most certainly recommend this book to a friend or a teacher. Out of one to five stars, I give this book a
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