Rivermont Raiders Analysis

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This picture shows a team of determination. This picture is the rivermont raiders All star team including Ethan McGill and a bunch of his friends.This picture tells a story that is story book quality and is the pride and soul of all the alumni of the raiders team. On the day of June twenty fifth of 2013, a little twelve year old all star team is on the field fighting for their right at the championship. This team was known to all as the Rivermont Raiders. Seven years this group of boys had played together and not once had they won the state championship, however this year this team had swore that it would be different. The next day,Saturday June twenty sixth, this team would face off against the seven time champions,…show more content…
This is it all the team has to do is get three outs on the dayton team without them scoring and the game is over. The game has lasted a total of 2 hours at this point and it is 103 degrees. Both teams are tired but neither are giving up. Ethan takes the mound for the last time in his all star career. Only five pitches will be throw this inning but that will be enough. The first pitch is thrown, hit, and caught out of the air, the same with the second pitch. Now the raiders no longer feel the blistering heat, they no longer hear the crowd, they don 't even hear their coach any longer, All the raiders hears the call to victory. All the raiders hear is silence. The next five minutes would make an incredible mark on the legacy of this team. The pitcher walks onto the mound and readies himself to throw 3 more pitches and win the game. As if almost in one body,under one mind, the entire team moves in sync the raiders create an effect that intimidates everyone by all moving at the same time. This was not a planned action it was just fate. The pitcher throws two strikes and he is one pitch away from the dream. The pitch is thrown… “STRIKE 3!!!! BALL GAME” yells the umpire and they have done it, the raiders have defeated dayton. That night the team celebrates and takes a picture that will have everlasting memories for everyone on this team, players, parents, and coaches all would remember that game for as long as they lived. The image of a team that would not give up and not only did everyone of these players become a little more decorated and a little more confident but they also learned that as a tea everything is possible. That is why the picture of Ethan and his team mates was very
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