Rizag Steel Case Study

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Background History
Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited was formed on February 18, 1982. RINL was made the commercial unit for Vizag Steel Plant in April 1982. This is the only shore based steel plant in India and is poised to enlarge upto 20MT in a single campus. It is the largest single site plant in India and Asia Minor. The expansion project already became functional by 2012. It has been rated ‘the best place to work in India’ for five consecutive years. RINL is recognised as one of the best integrated steel manufacturing plants. The company’s vision lies in delivering high quality and cost competitive products to win the mindshare of customers. It also targets in achieving excellence in enterprise management. The work environment is very inspiring
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It has 7m tall coke oven batteries. The company uses discriminatory crushing of coal to increase the coke quality. Coal is transformed into coke by heating the equipped coal blend in lack of air at a temperature of 1000-1050 degree Celsius for almost twenty hours. Nitrogen gas is used in dry quenching of coke. It produces power from the waste heat that is recovered at Back Pressure Turbine Station. The production capacity counts to 2.635MT of gross coke per annum. It offers the facility of 100% slag generation at the BF cast house. RINL has some exclusive features like 3200cu.m. Blast furnaces, 100% bloom moulding expertise, entirely electronic rolling mills, extensive waste heat recovery structure. Installed capacity of green power at RINL is around 36% of overall captive power generation capacity. Later the accomplishment of 63.3Mtpa enlargement, the install capacity may raise upto 62%. The company implemented ‘clean steel making technologies and practices’ to contend in the emergent international market. The demand for cleaner steels is ever growing. This steel making technology will benefit in providing satisfactory control and perfection. From pre-treatment of hot metals to the treatment of steel, secondary metallurgy interventions, shrouding system, alloy addition, casting practises will be taken care by this technology. RINL offers suppressed combustion…show more content…
The company implemented green technologies from the inception only. In order to promote the strength, RINL has accepted Energy Management Standard BSEN 16001 in 2010-11 and has drifted to ISO 50001 for energy management in 2012-13. It is the first Indian steel company to acquire this certification. This offers uniform insertion on energy audits and improvement plans across the company. Sustainable development policy was articulated recently to adopt DPE guidelines. RINL seized the ‘Excellent Energy Efficient Unit’ award at the 12th National award for excellence. The company is announced excellent for its road map to accomplish specific energy consumption target of 5.4Gcal/t of crude steel and also for lessening in carbon dioxide emission. It has benchmarked for energy consumption and adoption of green technologies.
Latest Investment
 RINL offers to devote Rs.1402 crore towards capital expansion and modernization of its line plant in Vizag
 RINL has received market regulator Sebi’s approval to raise funds through an Initial Public Offer
 RINL is implementing modernization and development plan to boost their hot metal capacity 7.3MTPA by 2016-17
 Odisha government projected to sign a MoU with RINL to set up a mega steel capacity at Keonjhar district
Financial Details 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
Turnover 13489 13553 14462
EBIDTA 1159 1073

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