Rizqun Hotel Case Study

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Quality Management is defined as meeting or exceeding customer satisfaction from a customer’s point of view, while a company will define quality management as identifying customer needs and providing services to meet or exceed customer satisfaction. So, quality management differs from customer to supplier in a way that, suppliers define it as what they think customers want and then providing a service to match.

Quality, in terms of a hospitality industry, is ‘the consistent delivery of products and guest services according to expected standards’. In other words, quality is the expected service of what guests pay for OR the level of service expected for what the guests pay for.

In the case of Rizqun Hotel, guests are paying for the standard
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However the most suitable approaches to suit the culture of Rizqun Hotel would be Deming’s and Ishikawa’s approaches and philosophies. William Edwards Deming builds on Joseph Shewhart’s Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle where he stresses the importance of the top management’s roles instead of the assembly line workers; while Kaoru Ishikawa uses the concept of Quality Control that is the continuous improvement of workers and departments, and the Fishbone Cause and Effect diagram that finds the root cause of problem.

Nonetheless, both approaches have its similarities and differences. Although Deming defines quality as customer-led and Ishikawa as value-led, both can be used to suit the culture of Rizqun Hotel. A customer-led approach means that the organisation will provide products and services from the way they think a customer would want the product and service. A value-led approach means that the customer themselves give their opinions on whether or not the products and services they receive are quality as they expect value for money. Both approaches, if used, will result in providing quality services to the hotel. Both approaches also put emphasis on the process, i.e. the procedures of the tasks. In the case of Rizqun Hotel, using these approaches mean that the hotel would stress on the importance of employees following the right procedures when carrying out their specific
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The hotel gives out feedback forms to customers to assess whether or not the quality of service meets the their expectations. From these feedbacks, the hotel can plan and design a way to improve. For example, a customer complains of calling the front desk many times before the phone call is finally answered. Maybe the staff is too busy with checking-in customers to answer phone calls. So, the hotel should plan and design a resolution, say design a position for customer care services working around the clock. After this is implemented, the hotel should monitor the progress to ensure the plan has a good outcome or not. In this way, there would always be someone assigned to cater to customers’ requests while not being an obstacle to checking-in services.

Task 5

On the Rizqun International Hotel website, the information that can be found are the location, services and facilities, meetings and conferences, premier club floor, rooms and suites, promotions and contact information. Thse information is useful for the customers as they will be able to find out what the hotel offers and if it suits the customers’ wants and needs.

Other websites like Agoda and Trip Advisor also include information on room availability as well as star ratings of Rizqun Hotel. Photos are also included in the websites to show customers’ a look of the facilities available. Not only that sites like Trip Advisor gives customers’ a look on

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