Case Study: Rizzo's Malabar Inn

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Rizzo’s Malabar Inn is a family-owned restaurant located in Crabtree, Pennsylvania. The restaurant is owned by the DeFabo family who continually pride themselves on providing authentic italian cuisine to their undeniably loyal customers. I started working at Rizzo’s in the summer of 2016. I primarily work as a take-out waitress, but have also been cross-trained as a hostess, busser and carry-out employee. I plan to continue working at Rizzo’s until I graduate college and receive new employment pertaining to my degree. I believe it is a wonderful place to work and they truly appreciate their dedicated customers. In the past two years that I have worked at Rizzo’s, I have been witness to many proactive changes made by management. Based on my…show more content…
The organization of employees and managers is no issue, but rather the physical organization of the building. Although the building is always very clean, it is very poorly organized. Things at Rizzo’s do not have a certain place to be kept. It is often difficult to find what you need because it has been moved around the restaurant by other employees. The entire back of the building needs to be reorganized and kept in order. Doing so would greatly improve the productivity of the employees. Overall, the organization at Rizzo’s is in need of…show more content…
They truly care for their customers and take the phrase, “The customer is always right,” to an entirely new level. I would give the customer service at Rizzo’s Malabar Inn a 9 out of 10 rating. I believe the back of the house could use an extreme makeover in order to increase employee productivity. Improving the level of organization would make it much easier for employees to do their job effectively. Regardless of this one flaw, Rizzo’s is an excellent establishment overall. Management is absolutely fantastic and will stop at nothing to make ensure customers a great experience from the time they walk through the door to the time they walk back

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