Rj45 Unit 5 Case Study

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TD is responsible for providing at least one suitably sized network circuit to both data centers and terminating at a TDCT controlled firewall or router. This device will provide an Ethernet RJ45 handoff to RPM equipment. RPM will consider the RJ45 as the demarcation point. RPM suggests that this link be at least 100 mb’s and by year 4 it should be at an estimated 1 Gb/s or larger. The solution presented above has the following characteristics: • Contains one SAN to hold all the production data. Each SAN is designed for high availability, with all components being redundant, so as to provide 99.99% uptime. The SAN uses a combination of disk and flash storage to maximize performance. Appropriate data from the primary SAN will be replicated to the Disaster Recovery SAN automatically, and for the purpose of data backup. • A NAS or smaller SAN unit will store all reports and other non-critical files and data • Redundant networks for every connection, on redundant network access…show more content…
• Continual automatic replication of live data to the Disaster Recovery site, to ensure minimal data loss should a failover to the Disaster Recovery site be required. • Processes to move processing and reroute connections to a Disaster Recovery site, should a disaster be declared. • Similar processes as used in the DR process will be used to move the current primary production process to this new infrastructure when it is implemented, to be accomplished with a minimal amount of system downtime. Capacity sizing for the primary production and DR backup environment configurations being recommended by RPM in this proposal are based on the projected growth rate assumptions provided by TDCT which are outlined below. Any material changes in these assumptions may impact the hardware capacity recommendations and costs outlined in this
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