Rlt Model In Nursing Care

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The Nurse and other multidisciplinary team discussed the treatment protocol with Mary and family. The nurse explained how the treatment works, the benefit and any side effect as well as expected outcome. This will enable Mary to gain understanding of the treatment options and take an active role in decision making regarding her treatment. And therefore, having been presented with the treatment information Mary consented to chemotherapy treatment. The National and Midwifery council (NMC) 2008 code of conducts emphasise the importance of communication, stating that nurse must communicate in a way the patient can understand the information they need about their health. Therefore, for the nurses to succeed in reassuring, motivating, empowering and understanding Mary’s concerns, they must be able to communicate effectively with her and her family (Randall…show more content…
Roper Logan and Tierney (RLT) model of activities of daily living (ADLS) will be used to determine what is important and necessary in providing individualised care (Roper et al, 2001). The nursing process involve assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation and help to identify likely problems, develop solutions and monitor results of a patient care. This systematic method will focus on Mary as an individual ensuring her holistic needs are taken care of, which include psychological, social, physical cultural and environmental factors (Holland et al, 2008). A nursing process in collaboration with the nursing model should provide a care plan that reflect patient centred and holistic care rather than focusing on medical diagnosis only and is a problem-solving outline for planning and delivering care for Mary and her family (Barrett et al, 2012). However, if the process does not improve Marys state then it should be re-evaluated and the good adjustment made to correct the
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