Road Accident In Malaysia

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I. Introduction
A. Hook/Attention getter: Road accident are create big problem in the Malaysia. If we all follow traffic rules then it will good for us.
B. General statement: Government always draws the attention of all road users by newspapers, radio, television, and other publicity. Unfortunately, awareness among citizens of Malaysians is still missing.
C. Thesis statement: The rate of road accidents in Malaysia increase will affect the victims emotion’s of road accidents due to causes of road accidents which are driver behavior, weather condition, and condition of vehicles.

II. Body
A. Topic sentence: The effect of road accident is giving negative emotions towards victims and their families.
1. Supporting point 1: According to the IRISHHEALTH (2011), depression, anger, suicidal feelings, anxiety attacks and loss of drive affects the victims who involved the road accident.
a. Sub-supporting point 1: It shows that the families of these victims often present more pronounced psychological suffering than the victims themselves.
b. Sub-supporting point 2: Plus, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is due to the victims who had seriously injured in road accidents.
2. Supporting point 2: In addition, many people lost their lives in accidents while some suffer seriously injured.
a. Sub-supporting point 1: Road accidents can leave insanity which is suffering some physical illness or disabilities on the victims.
i. Sub-sub-supporting point: After their collisions, a little

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