Road Accidents In Malaysia Essay

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CAUSES OF OF INCREASE RATE OF ROAD ACCIDENTS IN MALAYSIA I.INTRODUCTION: A).Heard of a saying “don’t drive like a chicken”,lately drivers in Malaysia are driving like one. B) Road accidents do not always occurs frequently in Malaysia, but wth country becoming vastly advance in economics and technology thus the population of the country increases making the rate of road accidents in the country increase of late. C) The cause of the increase rate of road accidents in Malaysia are, the driver’ behaviours and condition of the roads. II) BODY: A) The first cause of the increase in the rate of accidents in Malaysia are caused by the driver behaviour itself. 1) Humans tends to have different behaviours, some bad behaviours wil cause big mishaps for others aspecially while driving. The drivers driving,drunken most of…show more content…
b) "Statistics from Traffic Department have shown that fatalities caused by drink-driving or driving under the influence of alcohol so far this year until September was 16 cases or 0.004% from the overall fatalities statistics," said Police corporate communications head Datin ACP Asmawati Ahmad. 2) Also speedy driving is also one bad drivers behaviour that leads to accidents,this behaviour is the cause of half of the accidents occur in Malaysia. a) Lack of attention, reckless driving, lack of proper protection, speeding, bad personal habits, social and behavioral misconduct and inconsiderate drivers of larger vehicles are some of the problems that cause accidents. In Malaysia, motorcycle fatal accidents (60%) warrant a high degree of concern. Young children and senior citizens are found b) to be in the vulnerable age group. In Malaysia, in 1999 alone, general insurers paid RM1.67 billion or an average of RM4.6 million a day on motor claims. i) ( Malays J Med Sci. 2003

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