Road Accidents In Malaysia

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TIncreased rate of road accidents in Malaysia I. Introduction A. Hook/Attention getter (2 marks) : Murad (2014) found that Malaysia ranked 17th as the most threatening countries for drivers listed from 193 countries from a research carried out by Michigan University’s transportation research using data from World Health Organisation (WHO). B. General statement (2 marks) : Road accidents in Malaysia can happen at anywhere in the country which has moving vehicles and it be can be divided into few road user category which include light vehicles or 4 wheeled-cars, heavy trucks, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians and cyclist. Over the pass decades, rates of road accidents have been increasing and so does the road deaths that occur. C. Thesis Statement…show more content…
B. Transition paragraph 1. Summary/Conclusion (2 marks) : Therefore, it is stated that the main source for growing rates of road accidents to happen in Malaysia are primarily due to human attitude. 2. Transitional sentence (2 marks) : As a result of uncontrollable rise of the rates of road accidents in Malaysia, it gives negative impact to the people or the country itself. C. Topic sentence 2 (2 marks) : One of the issues that rise upon the increased rates of road accidents in Malaysia is the effect of it to the economy. 1. Supporting point 1 (2 marks) : Unlucky people who were tangled in these road mishaps can be anyone including the prime minister to the manager at your workplace or to the janitor at the shopping mall. Road accidents may take many lives away or leave you disabled for the rest of your life which stops someone from working and then slowly affect the economy of the country. a. Sub-supporting point 1 (2 marks)…show more content…
2. Supporting point 2 (2 marks) : Road accidents not only take away lives or injured people but it also has a very bad effect on the vehicles and the roads. With more road accidents, the more money needed to fix the vehicles and the road so that it returns to the original shape to function as it is. a. Sub-supporting point 1 (specific detail-3rd level) (2 marks) : The economy of Malaysia will be affected when our government spend more money to repair the facilities that was spoiled on the road every time after a mishap happened. The money that Malaysia’s government used to repair the road after a serious road accident can be transfer to use it on a more useful subject to develop Malaysia’s economy instead of wasting it to repair the broken road signs, traffic lights, lamp-post and many more which are unnecessary if drivers did not bang on a lamp-post or road signs when they drive in a sleepy

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